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This is a fast paced computer age and the world has become a global village. To succeed in this competitive world, one needs to be fluent in English.

We will give you ways to become fluent English speaker.

Master basic grammar topics

In order to become fluent English speaker you must master the following basic grammar topics in detail.

1)Parts of the speech

2)Types of the sentences

3)Tenses in English language

4) Active and passive voice in English grammar



7)Modal auxiliaries

8)Direct speech and indirect speech

9) Degrees of comparison

10) Clauses in English

11)Some special constructions like used to, prefer to, going to.

2)Essential vocabulary.

To use any language effectively, one needs to master basic vocabulary around 2000 words of that language. They are as follows.


2)Golden words



3)Speaking and writing practice

One needs to do speaking and writing practice in order to become a fluent speaker in English.





5)Note making

6)Appeal writing in English


from the above discussion, we can conclude that in order to become the fluent speaker in English, we must learn basic grammar, essential vocabulary and do speaking practice.

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